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The Barking Lot Crew

Stacy Parmer

Founder /
Barking Supervisor

Nancy Stewart

Development Manager

Melissa Foster

Barking Attendant Coordinator

Katie Parkhill

Katie Parkhill

Database Commander

Sara Kennedy

Sara Kennedy

Volunteer Coordinator

Chelsea Liu

Chelsea Liu

Valet Barker & Writer

Shiloh Corbet

Shiloh Corbet

Donation Coordinator


Kendra Andrews

Foster Coordinator/Bio Writer

Equal opportunity animal lover. Attorney turned writer. East Coast girl for life (but happy to live in West Coast weather). Believes Cuban food is better than Mexican, and that “The Wire” was the greatest TV show of all time. Three-time foster failure (and proud of it).

Stacie Dasinger

Rescue Coordinator

Keyana Simone

Adoptions/Social Media Superviser

Adoption Coordinators

Kelly Marquez
Shannon Neeboda
Marla Frank
Jessica Rosser

Barking Attendants

Leila Burroughs
Erica Freeman
Veronica Wallem
Sarah Lower
Cassandra Collins

Valet Barkers

Chris Heslin
Eric Rauscher
Tami Cross
Craig Schreiber
Carey Nagoda
Ginger Haggerty


Carly Jorgensen

Website Manager

Dog-loving vegan. The dog you see in this picture changed Carly’s life. Carly manages the Barking Lot website. She describes herself as an advocate for the voiceless.

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